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SteelMan No. 1How to order the first printing of
the SteelMan No.1 Limited Edition Comic

SteelMan No. 1Description: The first published printing of the SteelMan No.1 Ultra-Limited Comic is available only by mail order or at the annual Pittsburgh Comicon. Supplies are ultra-limited and only 250 issues of the first print lot will ever be made. There is only a limit of two sold per customer. The SteelMan No.1 first printing is signed by the writer (Steelman) and also the illustrator (Loran Skinkis) and every issue is individually numbered. Also, the paper and print quality is superior to other mass produced comic publications.

Hurry to order yours today because we cannot guarantee their availability for long.
Price: The first printing of the SteelMan No.1 is $18.70 plus tax which is $20.00 total plus $5.00 shipping and handling. $25.00 total by check or money order only for one (1) issue must be sent to the address below and payment received before shipment.

If the maximum of two issues per person are purchased, then the total is $45.00 with tax and shipping included if shipped to the same address. An additional $5.00 is required if the second issue is shipped to a second address.

Make Check or Money Order payable to:Pittsburgh Steel Man Industrial Media, Inc. Send payment to:
Pittsburgh Steel Man Industrial Media, Inc.
5359 Baptist Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15236

Make sure to add your name and address, where to ship, with phone number and/or email address in a letter requesting the “SteelMan No.1 Ultra-limited Comic”. If you have questions, please call 412-882-8037 for assistance or email at pittsburghsteelman@yahoo.com.



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